Going For The Double

I can’t believe i’m writing this post, I have achieved a second VCDX certification (or as it’s being referred to in the community a 2X ūüôā ). This time the design was for cloud (CMA) and it came just one year and some change¬†after I became a VCDX DCV.

Just being a VCDX was a long time career aspiration of mine and I am so grateful I was able to work on the second one.

Short disclaimer – Since I am a VCDX panelist¬†I am forbidden¬†from mentoring¬†candidates through their VCDX process or giving out advice on the design itself, this is so¬†that I won’t¬†give anyone¬†an unfair advantage. I’ll keep this post about my personal experience towards achieving the double and keep the advice about the process. read more