Taking my career to the next level

If your reading this it’s probably because you are wondering where I am heading, so I’ll start with that first: I recently accepted a new position with a bigger impact on VMware and its customers and on the IT community.

Starting OCT 1’st I will become a Staff solutions architect for Microsoft enterprise applications architecture at VMware’s Global center of excellence, focusing mainly on MS SQL running on VMware’s platforms.

Why? you may ask. Considering my current job is indeed wonderful it is a fair question. Currently I am working with the best SE specialists team in the world. My team is responsible for delivering pre-sales engagements about the most strategic solutions we have at VMware to our most strategic customers. As a cloud automation specialist I learned a lot and engaged in the most interesting conversations with customers about their Cloud needs and wants, conducted POC’s, got to work for the best manager I had the privilege to work for in my career and most importantly built strong relationships and friendships.

So again, why? First, as an SE it’s very hard for me to utilize my “VCDX skills”,  just not enough architecture work. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being an SE, working with customers and helping them understand our solutions is something I love doing very much but there are other skills that I want to develop to get me to the next level in my career, If you haven’t done so, read Duncan Epping’s “How I get to the next level” post, it helped me sort things out, especially got me to the understanding that I need now to go out of my comfort zone and take on a position in which I will do new things that will help me acquire the skills I need to advanced my career to the next level.

And I’m not a stranger to Microsoft solutions, I started my career as a Microsoft expert, I managed and architected deployments for Exchange (since 5.5), Windows (NT4) and terminal  services/Citrix, I am an MSCE and when I started working with VMware tech in 2001 even though it became my main “thing” I never stopped working with MS technologies, mostly virtualizing them of course 🙂 . Also for a year and a half as Storage and performance expert at VMware I helped many of our customer’ss DBAs to understand the methodology of virtualizing Business critical application, so this is not something entirely new to me.

This position I am taking is a global position, I will contribute to writing official documentation and present at conferences in front of bigger audiences,  I will get to combine my VMware passion with Microsoft solutions architecture enhancing it beyond vSphere into VMware’s newest platforms like vCloud Air and EVO.

You may have noticed I haven’t written in this blog for a while, mainly because Agustin and I worked on our second VCDX (cloud) but also because I just didn’t have much to say, this is going to change.




  1. ISAAC MAIMON says

    Way to go man. Leaving your comfort zone (especially one as comfortable as yours) is not an easy thing to do but I imagine it will be as hard as it will be exciting. May your road take you to new heights.

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