A few tips for the VCDX defense

Tips for the defense from existing VCDXs  were one of the things that helped me the most preparing for mine.

one thing to note before we start is that each VCDX has it’s own experience and opinion about what’s right and sometimes VCDX A would say one thing and VCDX B would say the opposite, but that is just the nature of things as no one knows what is the  rubric used to score  a VCDX candidate and that includes me.

Take from this post what you think makes sense to you and i suggest you do the same from anything else you read or hear, except for  Rene van der Bedem’s blog AKA @VCDX133 http://vcdx133.com , it is awesome. read more

How to create top notch VCDX application documents

I don’t presume our VCDX application documents were perfect, far from it. We had holes in our design that kept me up at night, but we had pretty good damn documentation which is even more important when you write a fictitious design but not only of course.

The main thing to remember when you write the design is write it as if the IT manager of the customer is supposed to read it, there is a big chance that his technical knowledge is off 🙂 and he is very worried about the business requirements being achieved. He will probably give the documents to his technical staff for review as well and they will love punching holes in it. read more