New DBaaS capabilities in VMware vCAC 6.1

One of the main things customer need in regards to cloud automation is DBaaS. In vCAC6.1 VMware has added the capability to ingest a production database into a VM and allow it to be redeployed as a service on demand by the developer/DBA without the intervention of IT. The use cases are endless,  customers want ot have the ability to “refresh” a production database for test, Dev, QA and training purposes.

So, how does this work:

In vCAC 6.1 VMware added out of box vCO workflows that can deliver a copy of the production DBs (currently Oracle 12c and Microsoft SQL Server 2012) to the self service catalog for redeployment, the workflows executes the following steps:

  1. Provisions a new database based on an Oracle 12c or SQL 2012 AppD Blueprint (the AppD blueprint also come out of the box) – This step deploys the DB application blueprint from AppD based on a set of parameters provided by the DBA.
  2. Imports data from a backup copy of the DB to the newly provisioned database (SQL backup or Oracle RMAN backup) – This basically executes an “Update” operation from AppD that is called “Import Data ” onto the newly deployed instance
  3. Mask data in the imported production database by extending into existing scripts the customer have for data masking – This has the capability to run a out of the box custom task to call a script to mask data

After these steps have been completed we are left with a “Golden Image” of the production DB deployed on our vSphere environment , we now need to add it  to vCAC catalog for consumption using either full clones or linked clones, this step is done in the same way it is done for any other workload by creating blueprints in vCAC .
Here is a link to the official documentation

This is great news, not only this brings more value to vCAC customers but it is also based on vCO workflows , which means this can be also extended to what ever your imagination can think of.

To see a how vCAC 6.1 is implemented as a full ITaaS and DBaaS solution by EMC IT check out the following post as well

How EMC IT are delivering DBaaS and ITaaS with VMware vCloud suit

I will keep updating o the advances done in this area.



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