Samsung Note 5 review

This is a bit of a different post than the ones on this blog, it’s not about cloud or IT,  it’s about the Samsung Note 5 I have been carrying around lately.

No, Samsung are not paying me for this post but I really love the phone so I had to give it my personal review. A short one.

I have this phone a few weeks by now, it does have a few drawbacks but my experience with it is great, it is truly the best phone I ever had! It’s fast, responsive, and has some new features that are awesome. lets elaborate in points:


  • Performance – It is an incredibly fast device, with 4GB of RAM and the Exynos 7420 Octa core CPU it is the fastest phone I ever used, it just does what you ask it with no lag at all. It is such a relief to be able to switch from 1 app to the other with out waiting. It also has the ability to multitask and work with two application at once. I like to have that feature though I am not using it too much.
Multi-tasking on the Note 5

Multi-tasking on the Note 5

  • Look and feel – It feels amazing in the hand, the design brings a slick back with edges that makes it very comfortable and pleasant to hold, it is thin and the screen is amazing with vivid colors that makes it very easy to read when in the sun. Simply superb.
  • Battery – though it’s not as large as the Note 4 it seems to be holding very nice for a full day, add to that it has fast charging (takes minutes to get to 50%) and wireless charging (just put it in the desk and it charges) its a non issue (for now)
  • Camera – Not a lot of words to say except it is amazing! such good quality camera both back (16MP) and front (5MP), also comparing to my old Galaxy S5 that was practically unusable after 4pm this bast takes amazing pictures at night, very sharp.
Camera of the Note 5-FaZzh4970VYb0TE,r0s8AAuQfoKBZVfcE7Nc0aGl-jID8QvzB7bt9XVqJ5o

Picture quality of the camera


  • The stylus – Yes, you dont use it wall the time, but when you need it it is very useful indeed. For example it can write ion the screen when the phone is ion standby, just take out the pen and start writing. not only that it also allows to take screenshots, edit or cut them in high precision. Even if you don’t think you’ll need it or want it, it does not bother as it is hidden nicly at the bottom of the phone. I personally like it.
The Note 5 pen can do all kind of stunts

The Note 5 pen can do all kind of stunts


The things they took out are the only things that are missing from the phone (obviously).

My old Galaxy S5 used to have a removable battery, SD card slot, IR transmitter and it was water resistant, this phone does not have those things that I kinda miss.

But, even so I still prefer a phone that is responding in lightning fast speed , have an amazing camera and long battery life than laggy phone that can resist some water and can act as a universal remote.

As for the removable battery and SD slot missing it will take some more time to see if it is even an issue.

Hope this helps







  1. Agustin Malanco says

    You are THE stylus master… nice review, you make me want to throw away my note 4 and buy this one, and i think it will be soon.

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