How EMC IT are delivering DBaaS and ITaaS with VMware vCloud suit

EMC IT has released a few amazing resources that explain how they achieved a full ITaaS and DBaaS for their users, it is a must read and watch for anyone interested in ITaaS and DBaaS.


EMC IT’s Database-as-a-Service


EMC IT’s  IT-as-a-Service/Database-as-a-Service – eCALM Demo

The eCALM system as they call (Enterprise Cloud Automation Life cycle Management) it is a “full” solution that allows deployment, configuration, day2 operations , backup as a service, security management, monitoring management and retirement of DBs.   This solution is based on the vCloud suit components + puppet on top of vBlock  with Symetrix and additional components like Data Domain, infoblocks, Log insight and more.

The DBaaS  offering enables a self-serviced life cycle management of databases including day 2 operations such as scale up (add memory, CPU, storage) or scale out (add additional middleware machines or DBs as the business requires for example end of quarter cycle).

This is achieved using vCAC for the IaaS piece, self service catalog and the delivery of VM templates with application binaries installed and workflow automation.

Special infrastructure customization that the DB might need like additional storage, mount points, Infoblocks etc. is achieved using vCO workflows  and referred to as vCO enrichment.

A lot of the magic for DBaaS here happens in puppet , Puppet  is responsible for the DB instance deployment and configuration, day 2 operations on the application side is also done with puppet which is invoked by vCO workflows. See chart below and you can also read on the role of puppet in this solution in page 25 of the white paper.


One of the most interesting things EMC IT did here is that they allow the “ingestion” of existing VMs with a DB installed into their vCAC instance and allow running day 2 operations on them .

This EMC solution is a complete and comprehensive solution that shows the true power of the vCloud suit in general not just DBaaS.

Note that In vCAC 6.1  VMware added a capability to “ingest” a DB backup of Oracle or SQL into a vCAC template to allow it to be deployed using the catalog, it is just one capability from a set of requirements for a DBaaS solution. The eCALM system is a “full” solution that covers a lot of use case grounds of DBaaS.

I would suggest to anyone that is interested in how to create a ITaaS solution and DBaaS solution to review it.



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